Let's say you get into a heated debate about where to find the best ice cream in Los Angeles. You think Scoops is the most delicious ice cream in not just L.A., but the whole wide world. Your misinformed friend, however, thinks Diddy Riese is superior because you can get an ice cream sandwich for a buck-fifty. As your argument over the relative merits of brown bread ice cream versus two freshly-baked cookies becomes more heated, you decide the only way to resolve this debate is to jump in the car and sample both varieties for yourself.

Right now, at 5:15pm on a Wednesday, this is what your trip would look like:

Wednesday at 5:00pm

Not so pretty. The 405 and the 110 will make you want to cry, and then you'll be in a bad mood for ice cream.

Now this is why Google Maps is awesome for an Angeleno. They've added a function where you can check average traffic conditions for any day of the week, between the hours of 5 AM and 9 PM. This way you can find an optimal time to go on your ice cream adventure:

Sunday at 2:30pm

Friday at 6:15pm

Tuesday at 12:45pm

I'd choose Tuesday at lunchtime, wouldn't you?

This new function is perfectly designed for the traffic-addled residents of Los Angeles. Bravo, Google. Bravo.

P.S. The aforementioned ice cream debate is clearly fictional, as everyone knows that Scoops has the best ice cream on the planet.


-K said...

Clearly Scoops is superior to all. But while we're on the subject of ice cream cookie sandwiches . . . Grub has a serious one. Very serious.

Anonymous said...

Grrrrrrr, always with the bigging up of the scoops. Just because its an 11 hour flight away for me :(


Amanda said...

so- i know you want to get me a pint of brown bread for our birthdays cause i won't get a chance to go myself, right?

Dahoud said...

Its all about Diddy. I love me some Scoops, but its hit or miss (i.e., merlot ice cream). Diddy is consistently amazing.