Half of the Pico crew is heading to New Orleans for Jazzfest, as such another year's LA Times Festival of Books is going to pass me by. Dammit! Some panels I wouldn't miss if I were in town:


11:30 AM
Fiction: Grace Under Pressure
Moderator Ms. Barbara Isenberg
Mr. Bruce Bauman
Ms. Gina Nahai (I said this last year but it bears repeating, she's a lovely writer and personal favorite.)

12:30 PM
Gore Vidal in Conversation with Jane Smiley (his books are too long, and something tells me he's a blowhard, but it might be interesting, probably not though)

10:30 AM
Fiction: Urban Renewal
Moderator Mr. Scott Timberg
Mr. Charles Bock
Ms. Janet Fitch (She's good, very, very good)

4:30 PM
Ray Bradbury with an Introduction from Sid Stebel

10:30 AM (@Royce Hall)
The Lyrical Line: Conversation & Music with Aimee Mann & Joe Henry
Interviewer Mr. Steve Almond
Mr. Joe Henry
Ms. Aimee Mann (need I say more)

12:00 PM
Surf Culture: Shooting the Tube
Moderator Mr. Antoine Wilson
Mr. Steve Hawk (former Editor of Surfer)
Mr. Steven Kotler
Mr. Kem Nunn (co-produced John From Cincinnati)
Mr. David Rensin

12:35 PM
Cheech Marin (I hear great things about this book, frankly it's Cheech, he can just fold his socks and I'll probably find it funny)
Author, "Cheech the School Bus Driver"

Event Info:
Looks like tickets are $0.75 this year and available at ticketmaster starting April 20.


iwriteplays said...

I gots me my Aimee Mann tickets...

Jane said...

update!!!!!!!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzz