Apparently Gary Gygax is dead . . . .

Mr. N: Gary Gygax died :(

K: who?

Mr. N: creator of dungeons and dragons

K: dude, you are so lucky you're already married and will have guaranteed ass for life

Mr. N: :(

K: why do you even know his name?

Mr. N: I am seriously bummed
well when you read his books for like 15 years.....

K: I read The Babysitter's Club series for like 8 years and I don't even remember the author

Mr. N: yeah but that shit’s lame

K: I'm bitting my tongue right now

Mr. N: come on you know dnd is way cooler than babysiters club

K: I don't know dude, there was this one book where Mary-Anne found a ghost in the attic and . . . compelling!

Mr. N: did they ever get lezbo with each other?

K: sadly no, if they had I would still be reading them

Mr. N: i might be too, is that creepy?

K: nah

Mr. N: I am seriously thinking about taking a half day to pull myself together

K: wait, for reals? Wow, you really are shaken up

Mr. N: dude this really makes me sad

K: maybe you should go be with robbie right now

Mr. N: I should call him... (he was only 69 years old homie)

K: yeah, he might want to hear it from you

Mr. N: he prolly doesn’t even know yet

K: probably not

Mr. N: its like i heard 10 million nerds cry out all at once, then vanish...


cindylu said...

Hah! Okay, it's sad that this man -- who likely contributed to the lives of lots of young men -- has passed away. But all I could think of was the nerdy gamers in HS and how they might need to take a half day like your friend.

Confession: I read Babysitters Club too.

N said...

As Mrs. N, the sadness is mine...he's going to be talking about this for weeks now, I'm sure...

-K said...

Babysitters Club ruled! I remember once in like #10 or something when Kristy's dog died . . . cried myself to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Do I lose all my geek points if I admit I've never, ever, played D&D or any of its myriad offshoots?

Not sure why really, just busy I guess....

Still I know a lot of people who will be in mourning


-K said...

Nah, you're fine. Whatever points you lose for never having played D&D are made up for by the fact that:
a) you're british
b) you attend Cambridge, and study brain stuff or whatever it is you actually study. Robots?