We've all known for years that our manicurists secretly talk about us behind our backs, and that whenever they giggle, or shout, or speak swiftly in varying tones, they are most likely referring to the stench of our feet, the horrifying, hairy length of our toes, the fat on our ass, or the general consensus that we never tip enough. Every person who's ever stepped foot into a nail salon knows it. So I wasn't surprised to finally see it in writing on a recent Saturday visit for my bi-weekly pedi. I just didn't think it would come from my favorite nail-lady, Wong, over at Co-Star Nails in West Hollywood (the one on Santa Monica, across from Whole Foods).

The truth hurts. But it won't keep me away from Co-Star for long: they do offer the cheapest, fastest, cleanest pedicure you'll find in this town. A little honesty could do us all some good.

********UPDATE 10/19***********
Fellow Angel-Eno LosAnjealous.com picked the above photo to headline the weekly From Blake's Phone list of craptastic cell phone photos. Go Pico!


-K said...

I like Co-Star as well. They are super fast!!!

Anonymous said...

I need to get that tattooed on my chest-NCH