Summer. Seinfeld. Superman 3. Sooner or later all good (and bad) things must end. This is your warning: The L.A. County Fair's days are numbered. Earth, Wind and Fire performs the final swan song concert on Sunday and poof! it's gone, faster than you can say Lindsey Lohan's nasal septum.

Why sit through traffic on the 10 freeway, pay $10 for parking and wade through the crowds, you ask? Because it only happens once a year, and braving the masses of middle America right in our own backyard gives you not only props, but instant permission to partake in one of the greatest pleasures known to humanity: Deep-Fried Oreos. Go ahead. You also have permission to eat the deep-friend snickers. Frog legs, too if you like. Do it. You know you want to. Afterwards, wash that palate clean with some Dr. Bob's Porter ice cream and a glass of god-knows-why-it-got-a-gold-medal chardonnay, and you'll be cleansed of the dog days of summer, ready for a new year, a new you, a new pair of pants. It's worth it, I promise.

Anyway, thanks to Sparkletts, traffic and insanely long lines, I have three free tickets to give away to a loyal Pico reader. Let us know you're out there. First person to comment with their favorite deep-fried edible or Earth, Wind and Fire song, or--dammit, just drop us a line-- gets the tickets (a $45 value!).

Note to anyone who does not win the free fair tickets (seriously, baby animals! so much fun!)--buy your tickets online. It'll save you a lot of time (and Sparkletts).


N said...

And yes, I'm a sucker and I signed up for three years worth of Sparkletts to get the tickets rather than stand in line for 40 minutes. I did it for you, people!! (And to make it to my pre-paid wine tasting seminar in time, but who's counting? I can always use more water).

David said...

Ah, so you broke the Sparkletts news to Mr. N. Hope you guys are thirsty.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and I (mr. n) catch shit for buy a video game while N pays for water that we already pay for from the city.

N said...

Please note that Mr. N now loves that we have extra jugs of water laying around for earthquake, fire and other armageddon-type emergency scenarios.