N here. While K has been off in a football-induced stupor, I've been traveling. It's all work-related and not so droll, but I couldn't resist this special postcard from the road. Well, the runway. At the Sonoma County airport (STS), security is a major concern. I counted no less than seven TSA agents in the one-room security trailer. Yep, I said trailer. Also noted the two gigantic American flags (I'm all for flags, but right next to each other?), and at least six of the above signs posted throughout. There's only one commercial carrier (flying turbo-props, no less), and only four flights per day, but the ganja seems to be a major problem in these parts. Oh, and the airport bar has free wifi and serves Stella Artois on tap. All reasons to make STS my new favorite port o call. If The Ramp were actually inside the Burbank airport, I might have to reconsider. Suffice to say that for now, Santa Rosa rocks.

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David said...

The signs are to warn the hippies that they are not welcome. The American flag is to further remind them that America doesn't tolerate hippies and will go Guantanamo on their ass if they bring Sweet Mary Jane on the plane.