Well, not quite like it did in the olden golden days of running into the likes of CC Deville in the baked goods aisle, but for those of us living in Hollywood, the Ralphs on Sunset is back in black and better than ever. Boasting a whole new deli section with a wider global selection of our favorite sundry: cheese (though if you expect the cheese-monger behind the counter to know her mozzarella from ricotta, you're better off at Whole Foods). Yeah, we admit it: most things you can find cheaper at Trader Joes, but when we need milk after 9pm RnR Ralphs is quick clip away. Expect to still wait 20 minutes for a stick of gum (we have yet to see those self-checkout lanes work) and the same old surly service, but the remodel came complete with a pharmacy so we can have our meds filled while we shop--and where would rock n roll be without the drugs, right?

Anyway, grand re-opening festivities last weekend included celebrity appearances. Check em out:

This photo also made craptastic cell photo of the week over on LosAnjealous--props to the Pico paparazzi! After we contacted Ryan, our next call was People magazine.


Sycz said...

kind of sexy. I don't know why.

-K said...

I can see that . . .

-K said...

Tuesday - 9:15pm

Bought one six pack of Firestone Pale Ale.

Waiting in line for 25 minutes

Self checkout thingys still not open.