I set my mom up with a gmail account about a month ago. Just the other day I had a 45 minute conversation with her about how "attachments" work . . . . it ended with a very bad headache. How did a whole technology wave just pass right over her . . . . . she's not even that old. Yesterday it was a pleasant surprise to find her online . . . . .

2:44 - ME: hi mom

2:47 - hello? mom are you there?

(after I can see that she has entered text and 5 minutes have gone by)

2:50 - ME: mom you have to hit enter after you type

2:51 - MOM: yes I am here printing out my message

ME: at clint's?

MOM: yes I am at clint's

ME: we lost our game last night 5 to 1

2:52 - MOM: what happened

2:53 - ME: The other team was just really good and had 3 really nice goals that went right over my keepers head

2:53 - MOM: do you still have a game on sat? can I send my resume from my email

ME: sunday maybe. yes just click on the icon and it will open in word

2:53 - MOM: what is icon?

2:54 - ME: actually you don't need to open it to send it. you can just open the email and click FORWARD

MOM: ok I will try it now

2:55 - ME: let me know if you can't get it and I can log in and do it, but it's pretty simple

3:23 - MOM: can you send it for me?

ME: yes

3:27 - MOM: I have to go get zack now at karaoke

ME: I think you mean karate, you just spelled karaoke

3:28 - MOM: ok bye

ME: bye mom

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