Hamburger Mary's is premiering the second season of Tori & Dean INN Love tonight. Apparently Tori herself might make an appearance. I have to say it . . . . I actually like this show. I caught a marathon on Oxygen a few months ago and rather enjoyed it. I found Tori to be funny and somewhat engaging and Dean is quite possibly the world's best husband. And you know what? I think they actually love each other, refreshing isn't it.
I'm a big Hamburger Mary's fan so they could be premiering a Lifetime movie and would consider it. Never once has my service been less than great. A couple of months ago the hostess (or whatever you call him) took my sunglasses from my head and said he had to clean them for me. He came back with my spotless sunglasses and told me the trick was vodka (and he's right!). Plus tonight is Taco Night (all you can eat for $6.95)!!!
Hamburger Mary's (map)
8288 Santa Monica Boulevard
West Hollywood

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