I call your number, no answer. I drive by, night after night, and the lights are out in your kitchen. I'm a jilted lover on a chicken tikka masala stalking spree and nothing compares to you.

Mr. N is ready to kill someone for some good Vindalu, and he's so devoted to your magical dishes, he refuses to step foot in any of the other thousands of choices for Indian fare in our neighborhood. But seriously, this has gone on too long. At least install an answering machine so we know when you'll return to our sweet loving arms and where we can leave you obsessive messages of curry desire in the meantime.

PS: We are happy for you that you're finally able to visit friends and family in India, but 3 weeks is a long time and we have no idea when you're coming back. Hope you're having fun. Send us a postcard. (map)

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Anonymous said...

BOMBAYS BACK BITCHES! an it as good as ever. However it will now change its name to Mumbai grill to reflect India's rejection of it imperialist British overlords, no I think its keeping the same name.
- The Nate-red