Jane has been prattling on about French Market Cafe (Venice) practically since I met her two years ago. I never payed too much attention as I always equated it with Mimi's Cafe, and if you've been to one of those you've been to them all.

I'm an idiot. Jane finally dragged me on Saturday for a late lunch. Upon entering this quaint establishment I immediately took to the little market area. I ordered a chicken panini, Jane got a ham and brie sandwich (served on a fresh baked baguette) and we took a seat in the adjacent dining room. It took about 2 seconds for me to realize every person in there was speaking French (including the one year old beside us saying his first words). This was a nice touch, if you're going to serve French food then bring it and go ahead and include nearly the same ambiance one would get in Paris.

"Run by a French couple, the cafe also includes a petite Market filled with imports from the homeland: Wines, bitter chocolat, soaps, spices, French newspapers and magazines are always available for purchase. Also with free parking!"

After lunch we grabbed a few coffees and if the wind had not been insane we would have enjoyed them on the patio.

Things to try:
quiche paninis crepes full menu & daily specials here
French Market Cafe (map)
2321 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice

Mon. - Fri. 7am to 5pm Sat. & Sun. 8am to 5pm


Not Goth said...

It is awesome (I work near here) but kind of expensive.. I guess that what happens for importing stuff from france.

-K said...

I agree it's overpriced. Imported sardines were like $5. I picked some up at Trader Joe's last night for $1.59 (for my dog).

The Natred said...

first of all sardines are gross as shit, secondly children speaking french makes me angry enough to choke out a puppy

Anonymous said...

LOL why does kids speaking french make you angry?!

I think its kind of cute in a super pretentious way (if they aren't actually French)