A few weeks ago Dahoud left the BBC America channel on upon leaving the house (was watching Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares no doubt) . I rolled out of bed about 11am and went straight for the couch and caught the beginning of what I later discerned is the greatest show on television: Top Gear. As described on the BBC America website:

Top Gear takes extraordinary and ordinary cars to the limit and beyond to find out if they’re as good as their manufacturers claim. Full of extreme stunts, challenges, and weekly features, Top Gear is exciting, inclusive, and passionate – there are no boring stats and impenetrable conversations about camshafts and tire pressures. But it is the sharp wit of Jeremy, Richard, and James that make it more than just a motor show.

Seriously folks, you need to be watching this show. I promise even if you don’t have a particular interest in cars you will enjoy this show.

Full Schedule here

New episodes are on Mondays at 8pm.


Anonymous said...

Oh lordy me, you only just found out about top gear..... its hilarious, utterly and completely staged of course, but hilarious.....You very very badly need to find the one where they try to make amphibious cars


P.S. we have to drip feed you these little nuggets of joy, its safer this way :)

Not Goth said...

Damn you have found out our secret ;)

It's a great show and surprisingly BBC America which is normally shit shows it. Hoorah!

I also ABSOLUTELY LOVE Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares.

-K said...

Amphibious cars? Awesome! Someone told me once when I was 10 that Volkswagon bugs can float. I had one (named Simon) was always very tempted to drive it off a pier.

I also love the Gordon Ramsey, especially the tender moments when he sort of remotely likes someone.