Coming home for the holidays gives you a new perspective on things that used to seem normal. My most recent revelation was about the strange coffee mugs my mom has in her kitchen cabinet.

Benylin Mug

It seems that drug companies like to give out mugs to doctors. This makes sense from a marketing point of view, I suppose, but when pouring a hot cup of coffee in the morning most people don't think about dosing for impetigo.

QD Dosing for Impetigo Mug

In case you're wondering, here are some more details:

Duricef Mug

And it's not just drug companies, either. Apparently state-run health programs give out mugs, too:

California's Newborn Screening Program Mug
At least they're more creative than "World's Best Mom!"


Neal said...

I think it's quite reassuring that you can drink your tea or coffee safe in the knowledge that the good people at Westwood Squibb are looking after all your potential impetigo treatment needs.

Both my parents work in the healthcare professions so I am well used to all the freebies that the pharmacutical companies foist on people!

-K said...

What does California's Newborn Screening Program do? What exactly are they screening newborns for? Impetigo?

Dahoud said...

California's Newborn Screening Program screen newborns for gender. If they are female, we place them in a basket and float them down the river. Its a harsh reality.

N said...

The LA River?! How ironic.