This one is for all those idiots that say that LA doesn't have good food (you know who you are). It seems 100+ restaurants will be participating in dineLA Restaurant Week. January 27 – February 1, 2008, and February 3 – February 8, 2008.

"dineLA Restaurant Week unites restaurants from the traditional to the trendy to promote the extraordinary diversity and culinary expertise found throughout LA’s restaurant scene. Restaurants in two dining categories will serve a selection of three-course menus at special prices (per person excluding beverages, tax and gratuity)"
Prices: Lunch - $15/$25
Dinner - $22/$34

Check out their website for a complete list and menu items, here are a few highlights:

VIOLET (Santa Monica) - hopefully the mac n' cheese will be offered, it's good. Plus they are on Pico Blvd!

PETE'S CAFE & BAR (Downtown)- quaint little downtown place

DAKOTA (Hollywood) - this is a favorite of N, so I'm sure we'll be hitting this one up

THE HAPPY ENDING BAR & RESTAURANT (Hollywood) - the name alone will bring me there

EL CHOLO -PASADENA - I've been here twice and both times the valet changed every preset radio setting I had to a Spanish Christian station. I'm pissed off again just thinking about it. You just don't mess with a person's presets.


The Natred said...

down for Dakota

Anonymous said...

I'm stamping my little feet in frustration that this didn't happen whilst I was there...


-K said...

Natred - We are booking the reservation for the Sunday the 27th

Andrew - We are just a long plane ride away, but after that this shit is pretty much free.