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I’m not in on the whole cupcake thing. I can’t be bothered. I have smartly surrounded myself with those that are, therefore ensuring that when I eat cupcakes I eat well. When it’s up to me, I usually just hit the bakery at Gelsons. That being said, I wanted to get my bar exam bound mates some sustenance during their studies and thought that Sprinkles would be good.

Last Monday I drove by the Beverly Hills store after work and while keeping an eye out for parking I noticed a line out the door. Not happening. I immediately called N for an alternate suggestion and the first thing out of her mouth was, “Joan’s on Third, they have great coconut cupcakes.” As our cupcake proclivities run the same (i.e. we are not easily impressed) I took her suggestion. Plus Joan’s is in my hood and you can’t beat that.

When I arrived at Joan’s I found they had a sort of sidewalk set up going on. Apparently they're expanding the inside. This place was bumpin, every sidewalk table was taken and people kept coming up for an iced tea and a cupcake. Everyone seems to know about this place but me (this is usually the case). I ordered a dozen assorted cupcakes and was so inspired by my experience that I threw an extra quarter in the parking meter for good karma.

Here’s a quick review of our Joan’s cupcake experience:

Lemon – sweet but still very good, tasted like a lemon bar (David and mine’s second favorite)

Coconut/Chocolate – awesome!!! Tasted just like an Almond Joy

Carrot – good, but nutty, seemed more like a breakfast bread, but was very moist

Chocolate/Vanilla – Michelle said this one tasted like Sprinkles cake (good) with Duncan Hines frosting (very good)

Vanilla – a solid choice and a nice break from the heavier flavors

Dark chocolate – heaven

Peanut Butter Crunch – This was by far my favorite (and David’s). The topping is a kind of peanut butter crunch type thing that was just perfect. Best cupcake I’ve had in quite some time.

All in all these were great cupcakes and will be my new cupcake go to. They are back open inside, but the expansion isn’t expected to open for another few weeks. So check them out, I’m told the rest of the menu is also great.

Caroline on Crack did a great cupcake piece a while ago, here it is.

Joan's on Third
8350 West Third Street
Monday through Saturday 10am-8pm
Sunday 11am-6pm

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