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-Christine Zeimba for LAist could not be more accurate if she tried. Check out How to Ruin a Once Promising TV Series where she breaks down why Heroes is sucking it up lately. Seriously writers, I did not honk in solidarity at the picket line on Pico so that you guys could go back and write crap. Pull it together.

- I love that Yahoo Movies has posted the 10 Most Biographically Incorrect Movies. I also love that #1 is A Beautiful Mind. I'm so tired of hearing that people actually liked this movie. It gives me nothing but pleasure to share the following items about Nash:
"was arrested in a Santa Monica men's room on "moral charges," and made numerous un-P.C. remarks over the years about various minority groups. More flagrantly, the hallucinations Nash suffered in real life were entirely auditory, not visual. And Nash's big, weepy Nobel Prize acceptance speech at the end? He never gave one. "
And that my friends is what vindication tastes like.

- I always knew The Bee Gees had magical powers.

-Also look what iwriteplays made she really is very crafty.


Neal said...

As I was trying to say last night Kristi, I find it strange that you seem to bear some grudge again Nash considering his theories (particularly Game Theory) were a huge influence on your heroes Ronald and Maggie:

"The title of The Trap's first episode, 'Fuck You, Buddy', is taken from a game devised by the mathematician John Nash, who worked on game theory at the RAND Corporation think tank during the Cold War. The premise of game theory is that 'players' are fundamentally isolated and mutually antagonistic, like the Cold War superpowers. Rather than seeking compromise, the best that can be hoped for is equilibrium: if each player ruthlessly pursues his self-interest, and assumes that the other is doing the same, the delicate balance of power is maintained. If either player acts altruistically, or even takes a risk for mutual benefit, he is inevitably screwed by the other: fuck you, buddy.

It turns out, however, that when secretaries at the RAND Corporation were asked to play Nash's game, they played differently, co-operating freely and reaping the benefits, rather than playing safe by trying to betray one another. While it was never an accurate reflection of how people actually behave, Curtis argues that in the paranoid context of the Cold War, game theory became increasingly influential in government. More surprisingly its assumptions were also apparent in the anti-psychiatry movement led by RD Laing. This view of human nature effectively became institutionalised, while older institutions based on public service, altruism and trust, were undermined or destroyed. This militant rejection of social obligations and mutual responsibility was the driving force of Thatcher-Reaganism, with the unshackled market regarded as the mechanism through which individuals could best pursue their own self-interest."

N said...

Ohhh SNAP!!

-K said...

blah, blah, blah,

None of that changes the fact that Russel Crowe is an assclown and Ron Howard has not made a good movie since Backdraft.

NeaL said...

N, there was a great series of documentaries on BBC about this a few years ago. I have them on my computer I think, so I'll stick them on a DVD and send them over if you like.

neal said...

Oh, sorry K, did you say something?