Here at Pico we try to avoid commenting on political controversy, mostly because A) we’re lazy B) it’s in our mission statement and C) it’s over by the time we get around to noticing such controversy exists. So we respectfully decline to comment on the cover of a particular literary magazine that's been buried under a pile of our mail for about 2 weeks. Fist-thumping Muslims aside, we were thrilled to discover (albeit a bit belatedly and from our favorite porcelain reading chair) that there are some real gems to be discovered within the pages of that very same issue.

To Wit: Best. Dinner Party Idea. Ever.

We especially like #4 and #7, and plan to try one (or both) in the very near future. As pretty much everyone who reads us ends up at our house for dinner sooner or later, accept this as your warning that dog biscuits may be on the menu in the very near future.

#14 is of course, our favorite. Does anyone out there remember the “Syphilis is back” poster ads that graced bus stops along La Brea Avenue last year? Those much-needed PSAs are much missed in our hood. Apropos of well, nothing, and for lack of a better segue from food-borne illnesses to STDs, we proudly present dessert.

Happy Tuesday, y'all.

PS: Just in case you've yet to sort through the mail or read all of mid-July's political commentary, here's that pesky cover. Don't say we never gave you anything.

PPS: special thanks to photogenius K for the lead shot. Yep, it's dog food.


Neal said...

N, I've just made a mental note to be extra nice to you if you invite me to come for dinner.

Although you've totally given me the inspiration for some sneaky ways to feed swine to our favourite pork refuser....

N said...

Neal, consider yourself invited. You should be extra nice to me anyway, but I promise to drop lots of hints if there are any surprises on the menu. :)

As for the swine sneak, we've got that down...

-K said...

I can hear you.