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Have you heard the shocking news, fellow Angelenos? The L.A. Public Library is strapped for cash. No, that's not the shocking part. The bombshell is that LAPL is planning to charge $1 for all inter-branch loans starting July 1st.

One dollar isn't all that much money, you say. Why shouldn't you pay for such a great service, you ask? The truth is that one dollar is prohibitively expensive for many Angelenos, especially school children and their families. Save The LA Public Library, the grass-roots group dedicated to stopping this fee from being introduced, puts it best:

Imagine children having to ask their parents' permission to order books they desperately want to read, and being told they can't request them, because gas prices are higher this week, or the rent has gone up, or mom has been laid off. Imagine a gifted student at a poorly performing high school unable to get books from the Advanced Placement reading list they need to get themselves caught up with their peers in private prep schools. Imagine elderly people having to give up a lifetime habit of reading because they've exhausted the selection of large print books in their local branch. All of these sad imaginings could become reality on July 1st, unless you speak up now and help Save LAPL.

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Are you crying yet? The part about the elderly people not being able to read kills me. I could be that elderly person one day, and I need books to survive. I really do. LAPL, please don't take away my books!

So, what can you do to stop this from happening? Go to savelapl.org to find out how to add your voice to the uproar!

(News via Chicken Corner.)


-K said...

We have a library?

beth lapides said...

with you on this. if there is a fee to borrow then you are not borrowing, you are renting, and certainly libraries which are persnickety (sp?!) about words will have to change the language and who wants to go RENT a book when you can download a book and then good-bye libraries.

Israelson Linda said...

This is old news. We already won the battle over fines. But now much more serious threats are taking place, which will greatly impact library services throughout the city.

Please log on to:

There, you'll find complete information and an easy way to let the Mayor and City Council know what you think about the proposed 11% budget cut to the Library Department!