Apparently they don't bother with being politically correct in the desert:

Seriously not PC

I'm sure they do good work, but someone ought to forward them the memo that people don't like being called "crippled" anymore.

And a preemptory response to any criticism for stopping and taking this picture: a) it was all Mr. N's fault, and b) if the sign said "foundation for the developmentally disabled" we wouldn't have stopped.


Dahoud said...

Wow, those two signs next to each other?! How come I wasn't told of these signs when I was there? I would have taken at least a roll.

-K said...

You were at Urgent Care, getting stitches (and vindication)

Jojo said...

But - I mean, they ARE retards, aren't they?

The Natred said...

They hook the two kids up like master blaster from Mad Max beyond thunder dome. The crippled kid rides and the super strong retards back and run a a pig shit fueled power plan.