There are two people in my life that nut themselves over New York whenever it's mentioned. One is Jane and the other is Dahoud. For a few years now I've been listening to them whine about the pizza in LA sucking in comparison to NYC. I usually just give them the obligatory nod, knowing that if I ever leave this fair city I'll be saying the same shit about Mexican food. Much like Londoners never shut up about their Indian food, it's the circle of food.

A while back Jane took me to Joe's Pizza in Santa Monica (her new favorite). This is due to the fact that "Joe" is the very same Joe from Brooklyn. I have to say . . . . these two might be on to something. It was better, not only that the atmosphere is exactly what you would imagine it to be. The guys behind the counter are yelling at each other, there is a line that rivals Pinkberry, and Joe himself is kickin it at the cash register.

However, there is one very important detail that makes Joe's in Santa Monica superior to the NYC branches. IT'S IN SANTA MONICA. Instead of grabbing a slice and walking to a park to enjoy it, you are just steps away from the Pacific Ocean (god's park). That my friends is why we win.

-Cash only
-the parking will most likely suck.



Steve said...

Other sweet-ass pizza joints in LA:

Joe Peeps (Valley, cheap, free parking)

Hard Times Pizza
I guess there's been a management change though since the last time I was there and the pizza has gone down hill. So, don't blame me if it's not up to snuff.

-K said...

Thanks for the tips Steve!!! Free parking makes it worth the drive.

cindylu said...

friends from the bay area also insist that SF/oakland pizza is much better than l.a. pizza.

i think we also win because it's not freezing here. our cold is still only in the 50s. two digits! yeah!

N said...

But do they have the Basil-laden pie of sweetness that is Boss Nova's Margherita?

Anonymous said...

I used to eat pizza but now I've switched to bananas.
It's a low cost alternative usually about $.59 a pound. So for the price of one slice of pizza you can usually get about 42 pounds of bananas which should fill you up just fine. I've never had a banana in NY but the ones here in LA are pretty tasty. Plus nobody yells at you when you buy them. Overall I think yellow foods are good and I know for a fact that bananas are high in omega 3-7 & 13 chemical acids which are good for your teeth and lobes. Bananas also help to reduce hand sweating...great for social events.

Steve said...

Sounds like someone is lying to themselves about how much they miss pizza. Its like paying for sex because your heart got broken. Kind of. Not really.

-K said...

bananas are nice.

Katie said...

You are so right. I *actually* went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Amsterdam earlier today solely for some semblance of good nachos. You know if I were anywhere near, hell, even NYC, I wouldn't so much as set foot in that place. But the further you get from Cali, the greater the lengths you'll go to just for ANYTHING close to decent Mexican.