Walking back to my car after visiting IKEA, I came across this strange sight:


The 1-800-AUTOPSY van! I did a real double-take, turning back on my heels to make sure I had seen that correctly. Private autopsies? Okey-doke. Whatever floats your boat.

Of course, since this was Burbank, they had to also do production consulting.

Some info from their website:

1-800-AUTOPSY bases our mission on commitment, respect and service to those that place their trust in us. We are committed to never lose our focus and broaden society's perspective of death.

1-800-AUTOPSY, established in 1988, is a totally autonomous and mobile-based thanatology specialty company. 1-800-AUTOPSY has cultivated a distinguished reputation of excellence within the funeral industry, hospital and research institutions, procurement tissue and organ foundations, private families and the legal community.

I can't tell you have often I've been disappointed by traditional brick-and-mortar thanatology specialists. Thank goodness there's a mobile unit out there for average folk like us.

So, the obvious question is this: what were they doing at IKEA?

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-K said...

I'd like to point out that someone from New York found us with a random google search of "1-800 autopsy"