We did it. We walked 15.6 miles down the entire stretch of Pico Boulevard and we’re still standing. Sorta. Special thanks to Mike and the folks at Franklin Avenue for organizing such a fantastic tour of LA. The only map necessary pointed out the best hummus, burrito and cupcake joints along the way. We started just past 9am with about 50 fellow adventurers. We walked a few blocks. We stopped for breakfast burritos, Korean-style. We fell behind. We wandered a half-block south of Pico, and found God, Greek-style. We caught up. We stopped for lunch. We fell behind. We caught up. We stopped for cupcakes. We fell behind. We caught up. We kept going. We reached the ocean just past sunset. As Graham points out, we won. We immediately caught a cab home to rest our aching joints.

Other highlights from the great Pico journey include:
-a giant crane crash
-a giant screw
-Frida and her monkey
-a Wurlitzer store
-did we mention cupcakes?

Fellow Pico contributors K and Laura were there, too. Hopefully, they’ll post about their experiences very soon. As the lovely Amanda is pointing out above, there are lots of things to do on Pico--by no means have we captured them all.

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