It's barely 10 am and my day is sucking . . . . hard! I thought I'd take a moment away from my TPS reports to watch a little Nightshift action. The Commodores just make everything better. The opening sequence of "moustache grooming' is priceless.

This is also a shout out to David and Michelle who are currently sitting in some Bar Review class listening to some douchetard rattle on about community property or torts or something horrible like that.


David said...

The "douchetard" you speak of was Ira Shafiroff, and the "horrible thing" you mentioned that we learned was Wills & Trusts (a.k.a. Stiffs & Gifts).

Oh law...Does the fun ever start?

David said...

Talk about still holding up, that video looks like it was shot yesterday! Amazing. That seriously just made my day...fucking incredible!!!

-K said...

I knew it would!!

I especially enjoy the end sequence where they look like friggin captains of the love boat. I also noticed a lot of suggestive leaning into each other.