For the love of Christ please stop the incessant banner ads in the middle of your shows. You're ruining my Summer of Buffy! Each day I come home from work looking forward to spending a little time with the Scooby Gang. I've even put up with the 4th season again because I know more great seasons are just around the corner. It's really distracting when Angel is about to declare his love for Buffy and gun shots erupt from the corner of my screen to announce you have chosen to air Assault on Precinct 13 in the coming weekend. Don't even get me started with the ads for Damages that I've had to bear for the last month. I get it, Glenn Close is playing some kind of bad ass lawyer lady and you want me to watch.

Don't get me wrong, I love you guys. You brought me It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (never mind you made me wait a year for it to come around again) and you bothered to air Buffy in the first place. These are all wonderful things . . . . . just lay off the ads!

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David said...

I will say this only once...Buffy sucks. Please, redeem yourself and admit that the show is poorly written and horribly acted. You can stop pretending that you like it now.