Last Sunday I woke up feeling an English Breakfast was in order. So, I called my favorite local Brit, Jane. We decided on the obvious choice of Ye Old Kings Head in Santa Monica. I rolled in late and her and her beau where seated nicely on the patio.

All three of us chose the Queen Breakfast ($9.95) which consists of :
Choice of fried bread or toast
2 eggs
1 bacon
1 banger
English Baked Beans
Grilled Tomato and Breakfast Potatoes

First and foremost in the matter of fried bread vs. toast . . . the correct answer is fried bread. It's basically buttery-fried goodness that goes perfectly with the beans. An English Breakfast is basically a "what you see is that you get," or frills approach to the morning. At that King's Head has done well. The staff was warm and accommodating and I even caught of few seconds of the Real Madrid game. After eating we popped into the shoppe next door to marvel at the British goods. I found Tim Tams (Australian cookies) and Jane got some kind of crazy ice cream cone with a chocolate flake in it. Pretty much a perfect morning.


Jane said...

You forgot to mention the Black Pudding. Yum!

David said...

Did you eat the banger? Because, you know that would be swine, and well, that WOULD mean you dig on swine!

-K said...

How many times do we have to go over this swine thing? I DON'T DIG ON SWINE! And if memory serves every time we go to breakfast I give you my bacon! If you're not careful I'll return to my prior policy of giving all pork related products to Nate.

The Natred said...

You forgot that the part where Spud tosses a load of shit on to his GF's parent. Sorry, "Trainspotting" reference.