I can't count the number of times I've poured myself onto -N & N's couch to watch Hedwig and the Angry Inch. It's usually at 2am and we usually get through most of the movie. It's a magical movie, it really is. At their recent wedding, I found myself walking back to my table when Origin of Love was played. I'm pretty sure there was a single tear on my cheek (a feat rarely accomplished).

Last fall we went to see it live at The Roxy. Upon arriving we learned of a "two drink minimum," which are 3 words that will send Mr. N into orbit with anger (there is a long list of these things, but this is probably around #5). He started mumbling in anger and sat down begrudgingly, threatening to leave about 3 times (we had paid at least $50 for tix). By the time he had two drinks in him and Origin of Love came on you could light NYC with the amount of sunshine beaming from his ass. If memory serves I think he even grabbed our hands and swayed to the music.

Basically Hedwig has the power to melt my cold heart and soothe Mr. N's angry heart. Again, it's magical.

This morning I learned it's playing at the Nuart Cine Insomnia on July 20th as a live "shadow cast sing along" type thing. It's presented by Rainbow Carnage and curtain goes up at 12:00am. I'm not quite sure what a "shadow cast sing along" is, but I'm guessing it's somewhat like Rocky Horror (but I've never been to that either). All I know is that I'm going because I have to and they had better not fuck it up.

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