What do you mean you lost it????

I lose my keys almost on a daily basis (I have a complicated two-key chain system), and I'd say I leave my wallet at home about once a week, after reading this I don't feel so bad. Or maybe I feel worse.

So according to a BBC report, Pakistan, may have misplaced some nuclear materials. Then it seems they put out a notice in case members of the public have run across it . . . like it's a god damned lost puppy. This got me wondering what Pakistan's literacy rate was . . . . . turns out it's not so good (48%). Yup, I definitely feel worse.


David said...

Your two-key system is flawed. More often than not, your house keys are in the house and your car keys are in your car or on you. This is stupid. You are able to drive wherever you want to go, but you can't go home. Oh, you can go to Nikki's house!!! Because, it makes sense to put Nikki's keys on your everyday keys and leave your HOUSE KEYS (the place you MUST go everday) safely in the house where you can't reach them. I'm just glad they don't put you in charge of the nuke codes. Luckily you can read, but shit man, those codes would be lost in about a day...and probably found a month later in your room under a pile of Thatcher's toys.

jojo from kokomo said...

Kristi Kristi Kristi. One, and only one, key chain. It's not an option. It's an intelligence test.

-K said...

I fully admit I'm an idiot on this subject. I was all prepared to merge the keys, but then I purchased my "Pussy Wagon" keychain (an exact replica of the one in Kill Bill) and thought better of myself.

I've already valet parked my car twice without realizing I just handed the dude a keychain that says Pussy Wagon. That pretty much makes me a big lesbo, all I need now is golfer shorts and a mullet.