I never miss a good war movie, so it's nice to see there are quite a few on sale!

-Paramount Pictures Memorial Day Sale at DVD Empire

Apocalyse Now Redux - $11.99

Braveheart - $11.99 (nothing beats pre-anti-semi, crazy alcoholic Mel Gibson)

Catch-22 - $6.99 (and yes that was Art Garfunkel)

Gallipoli - $8.99 (never actually saw this one, but my Australian mate loves it, I think it's about Australians doing something cool in a war or something)

The Hunt For Red October - $7.99 (lets be honest there is really no need to buy this you can watch it on basic cable just about every weekend)

Islands in the Stream - $8.99 (Apparently this is based on a Hemingway story and not the fabulous Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton duet)

Top Gun - $7.99 - (the only thing that beats pre-anti-semi, crazy alcoholic Mel Gibson is pre-couch jumping, alien loving Tom Cruise)

and last but not least . . . .

Saving Private Ryan D-Day 60th Anniversary Commemorative Edition - $11.99 (it's just un-american to not own this)

Also, Amazon is having a DVD Spotlight sale on Tom Hanks


jojo from kokomo said...

I wish the Catch-22 movie was better than it was.

-K said...

I hear ya! I kinda wished it was better too.

jojo from kokomo said...

I can't really say for certain, but it seems to me that only those who've read the book could make any sense of the movie. It'd be interesting to know what someone who has never read the book would think of the movie.

Prunella said...

Interesting to know.