This little guy reminds me of my neighbor dog Frank. Frank rocks! So if Shamus is half as cool as Frank, then his new owner will be stylin. Shamus is 8 months old and a big love bug. Check him out at the Paw'd Squad Animal Resuce website.


jojo from kokomo said...

Thank God for organizations like the Paw'd Squad... but I just can't bare to look at the site. I want to give all the doggies and kitties my home :( This month's featured dog (Mr. Muggs) has a story that breaks my heart - the poor guy had been adopted 2 years ago and LATER ended up in ANOTHER shelter before the Paw'd Squad saved him again! UGH. It'd be nice to be able to genetically engineer sterile dogs and cats. I hate all those irresponsible fucktards who do nothing to prevent unwanted furry friends from suffering a sad life. I'm going to go cry now. :'(

-K said...

I hear ya! Mr. Muggs will be next week's dog :) Muggs just looks like the biggest, sweetest, lop of a dog ever!