Apparently her 16 year old daughter threw a party while her Dad was out of town, but thanks to MySpace it got a little out of control. According to Daily Mail:

"The mayhem happened after Annie's teenaged daughter Lola innocently let
slip she was having a get-together at home while her film producer father Uri
Fruchtmann was away. But the email which was meant to get to just 30 close
school friends ended up frenziedly circulating to hundreds of others. It is
understood that the information about the party spread on websites like MySpace.

Their £2 million family home in north London was trashed when more than a
hundred youngsters forced entry. Party-goers daubed graffiti on walls, broke
pictures and lampshades, tore apart books, urinated and vomited on carpets,
flooded the kitchen and had a pitch battle in the garden. "

What I love most about this story is the title of the article, Annie Lennox's girl hit by the Internet gatecrash yobs. What the hell is a yob you say. Well, according to UrbanDictionary.com a yob is British slang for a "thuggish young male." God damn I love the Brits!


jojo from kokomo said...

I read a similar story in a Brit paper last week. Apparently it's increasingly common there? What the hell is going on over there? And I thought American kids were bad - British kids are absolute animals! Fantastic parenting there...

Neal said...

As much as like UrbanDictionary's assertion that yob derives from boy spelt backwards, and an upperclass fashion of speaking backwards, I'd like to point out that is actually an acronym for Youth of Britain. There you go.