LA Times Book Festival Sat. & Sun.

Artwork by Chris Gall www.chrisgall.com
My mom used to actually fly out from the East Coast for this. Of course she hounded Mary Higgins Clark and Sydney Sheldon like they were the Beatles in 1964, but hey that's my mom. This weekend marks the 12th annual Festival and I'd have to say this has always been one of my favorite events. I can't make it this year, but if I could these are the speakers I would NOT miss:
11:00 AM Kirk Douglas in Conversation with Patt Morrison (when I first saw this for some reason I read Pat Morita. Then I remembered that he died, and I sometimes read too fast. Just for the record if it were going to be Pat Morita I'd have cancelled my plans. RIP Mr. Miyagi!

3:00 PM Mitch Albom in Conversation with Frank McCourt While Mr. McCourt makes me want to stick my head in an oven, he's still one of my favorites. God damned if the Irish didn't have it rough.

10:00 AM Sands of Strife: The Middle East
Moderator Mr. Zachary Karabell
Mr. Mark Bowden - Loved this guy since Black Hawk Down and Killing Pablo was also very good. He makes non-fiction seem not so non-fictiony.
10:00 AM Fiction: Novel Landscapes
Moderator Ms. Donna Seaman
Ms. Gina Nahai - One of my favorite authors and just a beautiful writer.

3:00 PM Fiction: Lives on the Edge
Moderator Ms. Leslie Schwartz
Ms. Janet Fitch - another favorite author

10:30 AM Inland Empire Fiction: The Other California - Wait, huh? There's books about the I.E.? Like real books, with words and stuff? Have these authors even been there or do they think it's a mythical place like I used to think Oxnard was? So many questions . .


Michelle said...

Hey, you might not know what you are missing. I enjoy Pat Morrison interviews on NPR very much, and would be more exited to hear her than Pat Morita.

Allison said...

I might actually like to read something out of the IE...just out of morbid curiosity. And while Pat Morrison might be great and all, a posthumous Mr. Miyagi interview would be WAY cooler than just about anything else, ever.

-K said...

I concur.

jojo from kokomo said...

I'm flummoxed... How can a place like IE, where spoken language has barely developed, produce writing?