Friday List Day - 100 Greatest Movie Lines

Premiere magazine is out with another list that surprisingly doesn't suck as bad as it could have. However, I do have a few gripes:

Sunset Blvd. - This movie blew and the musical blew harder so do we really need 3 quotes on the list??

#31 - Some lame quote from some dumb Woody Allen movie (In Love & Death)?? I could do with a list that doesn't feature any Woody Allen at all (save maybe Annie Hall).

#15 - The Incredibles - Did this line really rank over Goodfellas?? In what alternate universe is that possible?

#4 - Titanic - Enough said

#96 - "Yippie Kay-yay Motherfucker" - 96?? Seriously? 56 maybe, but not 96!


jojo from kokomo said...

Sunset Blvd. was a cheesy cheesy movie - but it's also a great bit of cheesy film noir. Classic film regardless. As for the musical - did you even see it? Not that many did. The music wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible - but the sets were stunning and Glenn Close was surprisingly good.

Woody Allen - ya either love 'em or don't. I'm one of the first kind.

Personally, I loved the Incredibles - actually, more than Goodfellas (as far as a "my favorite movies of all time" kind of thing goes). But I also think Goodfellas is an overrated movie. Excellent movie, yes. Does it deserve the level of freaky fandom it receives? I don't think so. (I'd put the first two Godfathers, Mean Streets, Once Upon a Time in America, and maybe even Departed, above it as far as mob films goes.)

Titanic should never be remembered for its dialogue. It should be remembered for watching a beautiful oceanliner sink into icy water while hundreds of people froze to death. That's why I liked it, anyway.

-K said...

I hear you about Sunset being a classic, I even agree, but not worthy of 3 "great" movie lines. I did see the musical and I thought it blew.

There is clearly something wrong with my eyes and/or ability to read as it seems that you said The Incredibles was better than Goodfellas. Huh?

Michelle said...

Karl...shoot zee glass

David said...

This obviously overturns the age-old theory that opinions cannot be wrong, because, obviously, Joe's opinion is incorrect. Incredibles greater than Goodfellas? WRONG! Now don't get me wrong, I am a big Incredibles fan, however, to even speak about those movies in the same breath is disgraceful. PUT YOU HEAD DOWN IN SHAME!!! Overrated? You must be high (probably are high actually). You need to watch that film again in its unedited entirety and get back to me.

jojo from kokomo said...

I'm not talking greatness, chilluns. I said that The Incredibles ranked higher on my favorites list than did Goodfellas. The two certainly aren't comparable in terms of genre - and I know y'all would argue that they're not comparable in terms of impact/significance/greatness... and I don't know how to respond other than "I don't particularly think either movie is significant or great."