iPhone Tour of Pico Boulevard

My iPhone got a free trip down the length of Pico Blvd. on Saturday. Since my legs were doing all the work, I thought it would only be fair to ask the phone to take a few pictures.

Here's some of the things we encountered along the way.

Lots of clothes in the fashion district:
Fashion District

Some mannequins who could use the aforementioned clothes:
Mannequins have butts, too

These ladies need clothes AND heads:

These dudes are naked and need a tan! Hell, they're basically transparent:
Transparent Mannequins.

I already knew this, but the iPhone was really impressed that our town has an area called the "Byzantine-Latino Quarter" and that they're so optimistic there:
Byzantine-Latino Quarter

I also showed my iPhone the amazing St. Sophia Cathedral, which we were fortunate enough to walk by during visiting hours:
Inside St. Sophia

Jesus was watching over us, most literally:
Dome inside St. Sophia

L.A. is a city of murals. Frida and her pet monkey said hello:
Frida plus Monkey

There was this awesome old jukebox shop:

It took us almost 6 miles before we saw our first Starbucks:
Our First Starbucks
We all believed this to say a lot about demographics and city planning and stopped to reflect on the differences between East and West Los Angeles. Then we got frappuccinos.

Inspiring quotes to revive Pico:
Pico Blvd...
Together we really CAN do it! (If by "do it" they mean "walk the entire length of Pico in one day." I don't think that's what they meant.)

For your reference, this is how a crane is supposed to look:
A big standing crane.

This is NOT how they're supposed to look:
A not-so-upright crane
Something's wrong with this picture

Just before we stopped for delicious cupcakes, we were given this helpful list:
Thing to do on Pico

Thanks, shop on Pico! I WILL eat your food and save room for dessert! In fact, here's the before and after shots of said dessert.

Not everything was fun and games on Pico. This bird wasn't having the best day:
Dead Bird
In fact, he might be having the worst day. (I apologize to my brother, who I'm sure is hurting for his feathered friend.)

We barely stopped to breathe during the last 3 miles, but in the end we were rewarded with a glowing Santa Monica:
Santa Monica!

I then jumped in a cab and let myself be driven home. My feet loved the cab driver, despite the fact that he was watching a Yanni DVD while driving. I then ate some Zankou Chicken, which was brilliant. I then took a shower, got dressed, put on makeup, and went out dancing with some friends (which involved a few gin and tonics), which was less than brilliant. Don't get me wrong—dancing was fun, but it's not the best plan after walking 15.6 miles. This is my sagely advice for the day: don't walk the entire length of Pico and then go out dancing. Take my words to heart, fair reader.

And that's the end of that chapter...


Katie said...

That juke box shop? Holy awesome!

countessian said...

I, too, have always been impressed by the existence of a Byzantine-Latino Quarter. I never walked the entire length Pico, though, but I bussed it for sure (and walked a lot of it repeatedly).

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